UX Consultant, Designer and Writer

UX Designer and Writer

I have been closely involved in all aspects of UX, UI as well as UX-writing for complex enterprise dashboards:
  • Network monitoring for both enterprise and mid-market
  • Disaster recovery
  • Email and file system archiving
  • eDiscovery
  • Alternative energy
  • Blockchain-based applications.
Strong background in turning abstract concepts into both MVPs and shipped products.

Skilled in UX writing, typography, page layout, information architecture, wireframing, creation and maintenance of design standards and pattern libraries.

I have led design teams, and have also worked, more often than not, as the sole designer responsible for all levels of UI, UX, visual design, and UX writing.

Design Philosophy

My central focus, beyond the creation of an optimal user experience, is transparency. The design should not reflect the designer's ego. I don’t want a user to think “Oh, what a nice design,” because that means I’ve lost the attention that should be on the product and the user’s ability to get their job done. This is challenging and is one of the reasons I enjoy working on complex enterprise products.

When designing something like a network monitoring application, my responsibility is to give the user the tools they need to maintain systems and to recover them when they fail, with minimal downtime and anxiety.
Study design and typography and you will see, over time, the relationships that exist in proportions, how you can create or release tensions, how to direct the eye.

Gestalt principles help:

Guide the user's focus

Emphasize groupings

Define sequences

Organize the visual field